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facts about hooverPersonal information about Herbert Hoover has him born on August 10, 1874 in West Branch, Iowa. His parents were Jesse and Hulda Hoover; his father was a blacksmith who also dealt in farm equipment. Hoover's mother was a dedicated Quaker who raised young Herbert in the faith, leading him toward a life of humanitarian actions doing good for others.

Interesting facts about Herbert Hoover

Other interesting facts about Hoover include:

  • He received eighty-seven honorary degrees; a world record during his lifetime.
  • Hoover was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times: 1921, 1933, 1941, 1946 and 1964.
  • Today, there are fifty-three schools in the United States named for Herbert Hoover, plus one in Poland and one in Germany.
  • Hoover was orphaned when he was nine years old upon the death of his mother. His father died when Henry was only six.
  • Herbert was raised by relatives in both Iowa and Oregon.
  • Henry Hoover was a member of the first class to attend Stanford University from which he graduated with a degree in geology.
  • During World War I, Hoover was made the Chairman of the Commission for Relief in Belgium, which provided food for over nine-million people who were isolated behind the fighting first line of the military forces.
  • Herbert Hoover was appointed as Secretary of Commerce by two presidents: Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge; he was the longest serving person in this position in history.
  • The American Child Health Association was founded by Herbert Hoover in 1923 to raise awareness of child health deficiencies in the U.S.
  • Herbert Hoover assumed the U.S. Presidency on March 4, 1929 and served until March 3, 1933.
  • Herbert Hoover was married to Lou Henry in 1899, who also had a degree in geology from Stanford University.
  • After leaving the presidency, Herbert Hoover served in many roles of humanitarian effort.
  • Herbert Hoover died in New York City on October 20, 1964 at the age of ninety years.

Fun facts about Herbert Hoover

  • Herbert Hoover was born during the late night of August 10 - 11th, but no one wrote down his time of birth. Some documents list his birthday as the 10th, others the 11th of August; Hoover always used the date Of August 10th.
  • Born west of the Mississippi, Hoover was the first U.S. president to come from that far west.
  • As a manager of Stanford's football team, Hoover arranged the fourth Cal-Stanford game.
  • The Florida state record for the largest bonefish caught between 1947 and 1958 was held by Hoover.
  • Herbert Hoover was a fairly tall man, standing five feet and eleven inches tall. He wore an 111/2 shoe size and a size 71/4 hat.
  • Lou Hoover, Herbert's wife, became a fluent speaker of Chinese during their years of living there. Hoover also learned the language, which they often spoke to each other to prevent others from overhearing their conversations.
  • While Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover was the first person to appear on television on April 7, 1928 during a transmission demonstration by Bell Laboratories. His appearance was transmitted between Washington, D.C. and New York City.
  • Two asteroids were named for Herbert Hoover: Herberta in 1935 and Hooveria in 1920.